More about the Ex-Im Bank

More about the Ex-Im Bank

The Export-Import Bank is an independent, self-sustaining agency that has been financing the export of American goods and services for the past 80 years.

Small business exporters need certainty and protection to tackle new markets and expand and create jobs, which is why the Ex-Im Bank has financed more small business exports in the last five years than in the previous 11 years combined. In 2013, nearly 90% of Ex-Im Bank’s transactions were for American small businesses.

Over the last five years, Ex-Im Bank…

  • Supported 1.2 million American jobs
  • Generated $2 billion for U.S. taxpayers
  • Costs the U.S. taxpayer $0.
  • Financed exports with a value exceeding more than $188 billion.

With nearly 60 other export credit agencies around the world trying to win jobs for their own countries, Ex-Im Bank helps level the playing field for American businesses.

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